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Our History

What's a PRV15?  Simply put, it is a more ergonomic pic rail mounted fore grip designed to provide a natural feel for shooters.  Technically, it is a Picatinny Rail mounted grip, with a "V" shape and a 15 degree rotation of the handle.  Additionally, it puts accessories within easy reach for active use on the fly without changing your hand placement.

The PRV15 grip was designed with comfort and functionality in mind.  The angle and slight rotation of the grip provides a more comfortable grip, as well as a user friendly platform for accessories such as lights, lasers, cameras, etc.

The PRV15 was designed by a Marine Veteran, unhappy with the feel of most grips on the market today.  This grip was designed to eliminate the unnatural contortions and wrist flex required for a stable shooting position, giving you the advantage on the range, in the field, or wherever your shooting takes you.


The PRV15 can be used with or without our accessory rail or camera mount.  Either way, it's way cool...

"Whoa, I like it...  this thing is stable!"


-- Mike, Colorado

Our clients say ...

We prefer to think of it as "better".  Better fit, better feel, better stability, better grip.  Contact us and we'll tell you all you want to know.

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