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Our Story

Our founder grew up in northern Michigan, shooting and hunting from the time he was old enough to own a BB gun.  Serving in the US Marine Corps, he fell in love with the AR platform of modern sporting rifles.  Never satisfied with the fore grips offered, he made his passion his business, creating; designing and manufacturing  an alternative which he feels complements today's modern sporting rifles perfectly.  Manufactured entirely in the United States I might add.

The PRV15 is a platform extension, providing users not only comfort, but versatility.  The accessory pic-rail and Cam-Mount expand the functionality of the PRV15 by putting lasers, lights, cameras, red dots, and whatever else mounts on a picatinny rail, at the tip of the thumb.  The Cam Mount adds an extra dimension by providing the shooter's eye view of the action when on the range or in the field, while remaining out of the shooter's field of view.

Our Functionality

Our product

We wanted to take something found on most modern sporting rifles and make it better.  Better in form and function, providing a stable grip and extended platform for mounting the accessories you feel make your modern sporting rifle complete.  We think we have accomplished that and hope you will too.

Mission, Vision, Values

We love the shooting sports and the modern sporting rifle industry and we share our customers' passion for shooting sports and the outdoors.  If you're serious about shooting, especially modern sporting rifles, we're serious about doing business with you. Check out our product. We think you'll love what we've done.

If at any time you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it and we'll make it right. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Our Commitment